Hosting a design summit solely for designers and creative types is so last year. The forward-thinking Ringling College of Art and Design chose instead last week to spread the word about how design thinking might deliver businesses and the region from the grips of the recession.

[field_client-title] ROBRADY Covers the 2010 Social Media Conference in Miami | Editorial

Recently I traveled to Miami to represent ROBRADY at the 2010 Social Networking Conference. Overall it generated some great enthusiasm and I walked away with fresh ideas for our social media agenda.

[field_client-title] Inventing, Inc. | A Day in the Life

Yeah, we get it, you have an idea – but is it a good one?  In an era of people lining up for “cattle calls,” queues are stretched around the corner and full of inventors hoping to get a shot at pitching their ideas for an infomercial or hitting the “big time” on a major network TV show. ...