vrringlingleadimage | ROBRADY design

With a virtual reality degree program and an internationally renowned design firm just down the street from each other, Sarasota-...

pillleadimage | ROBRADY design

SARASOTA, FL May 1, 2018—A delegation from Sarasota-based ROBRADY design found receptive audiences in Washington...

Manatee Fire Rescue Drone Sensor Bracket - ROBRADY design

An innovation launched in Sarasota expands fire fighters’ arsenal...

ROBRADY design

ROBRADY reports: The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

ROBRADY’s Director of Design Rob Brady and Senior Designer Erik Holmen traveled to...

articleleadimage | ROBRADY design

Hi-Tech Over Horsepower

ROBRADY’s Director of Design Rob Brady and Senior Designer Erik Holmen traveled to the warm and inviting...

Lockheed Martin Fortis | ROBRADY design

ROBRADY Design Brings Commercial Product Expertise to FORTIS Exoskeleton

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 8, 2017 – Lockheed...

Faraday Future | ROBRADY design

Faraday Future Review: Matt Vergin

With the amount of technology packed inside Faraday Future’s FF91 electric car it’s no...

lmcofortishumanizingleadimage | ROBRADY design

From exoskeletons to power boxes, ROBRADY brings aesthetic appeal.

As defense contractors, the manufacturers at Lockheed...

KINO Coaching App and RIP-IT Smart Bat| ROBRADY design

It All Starts At The Crack Of The Bat

Unlike other add-on performance trackers, Kino isn’t apart from the bat, it’s part of...

Good Design 2015 Winners - Lockheed Martin and Earthlinked | ROBRADY design

Sarasota, FL, February 19, 2016—Internationally-renown studio ROBRADY design brought home two Good Design Awards from the...

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