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Hi-Tech Over Horsepower

ROBRADY’s Director of Design Rob Brady and Senior Designer Erik Holmen traveled to the warm and inviting...

Designers Log: rMoto Dream into Superbike Reality

When ROBRADY designed, built and launched the Vectrix Superbike concept it opened to a crowd of cheers and rave reviews in Milan....

ROBRADY Designer's Log: EICMA, Milan, Italy

Good morning and welcome to the ROBRADY blog covering our attendance at the EICMA 2012 show in Milan, Italy. The event is scheduled...

Chaos Group Interviews Erik Holmen | Chaos Group | ROBRADY design


ROBRADY Recognized at Designpreis Ceremony in Frankfurt | 2011

On February 11th, 2011, the ceremony for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany (Designpreis) 2011 was hosted at the...

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Unappreciated by the world is the fact that in today's elusive studio of motorcycle design America is a major player - for some, the...


My team and I started to prepare the booth at the ’08 INDY Motorcycle Industry Expo very early in the morning. We had spent the last two...


Charley Belcher from Good Day Tampa Bay on FOX 13 visited the studio. A morning of filming ensued, and some great discussions about our...


We seem to be surrounded by people who tell us we are living in the age of a personal transport revolution. Their main reference point...

[field_client-title] ROBRADY design and DK City's db0 Electric Folding Bike Thrills Taipei | Consumer

At their December 26th launch party at Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan, DK City unveiled the db0 3.0 electric folding bike to the attending...

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