Vectrix Electric Scooter Canopy

Vectrix Canopy

Rainy days and Mondays aren’t a problem anymore

Following the lead of Vectrix CEO and President Andrew MacGowan, ROBRADY created a user-centric canopy design for their innovative and intelligent electric scooter.

Ergonomics drove much of the design.  While protecting driver, passenger and scooter from bad weather, the canopy’s profile provides fluidity without compromising usability or visibility. It even incorporates an added safety feature: a high-mounting rear brake light on the canopy’s extended surface.

Featuring a sleek shape that echoes a jet fighter’s cockpit, and with impressive camber that adds to a sharp look and ride, the ROBRADY solution honors the original inspiration of the Vectrix electric scooter design—the F-22 Raptor. 

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