ROBRADY Sustainable RV Concept
ROBRADY design

Sustainability at Rest: RV Concept

From recreational vehicle to revolutionary vehicle

Transforming the recreational vehicle from a lumbering gas-guzzler into a lean, green machine was perhaps our biggest challenge yet.

The first step was to slim down the RV, increasing fuel efficiency and consumer accessibility in response to high fuel prices and difficult economic times.

But that was just the beginning. Our unique multi-disciplinary culture meant we could borrow from lessons learned in other market segments to create a transportation product with an innovative “sustainability at rest” concept.

Going beyond fuel efficiency, we introduced solar panels on the awning and roof, hydrogen fuel cells as an alternate power source, an electric vehicle charging station for Segways and Vectrix motorcycles and an AquaVentus device, which literally pulls fresh, potable water out of thin air by use of condensation capture technology.

Fun and eco-friendly whether on the road or off the beaten path, this new RV concept is a welcome alternative to the staycation.

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