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Merlin Power Systems

Fuel Cell

The Rigorous Routine

When rigor is routine, a product that can withstand extraordinary punishment should be commonplace.

The fuel cell represents the leading edge of the technology. Our ruggedized design protects the innovative fuel cell technology, allowing it to function in those areas where it would have the most impact, but also sustain the most impact. Yet, for all its features, it is what the design doesn’t have that yields the greatest effect on remote power: there’s no noise or emissions, and virtually no effort required to operate the unit.

Silent, Clean Energy

The client’s vision was to meet harsh environments with a “wicked nasty” design—a look and feel that spoke volumes about the difference and durability of the fuel cell. The result was a strong, silent type of design. The emotional connection with this device is based on peace of mind that comes from a good night’s sleep as well as reliable, safe operation 24/7/365.

Plays Rough, But Works Well With Others

The fuel cell represents a leap forward in clean, safe portable power. With certain components shielded from users, simple maintenance as well as silent operation lets users truly rest easy when the fuel cell is in use. Additionally, fuel cells form a vital complement to battery-operated systems that elevate the overall reliability factor within the environments where they are deployed.

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