Medallion Instrumentation
Medallion Instrumentation


Innovation in product, innovation in process

In meeting a challenge, ROBRADY design found a whole new way of doing business.

When Medallion Instrumentation Systems tasked ROBRADY to design a new instrument, time wasn't on either company's side. As a developer of leading edge products expected to expand performance boundaries, Medallion needed a solution that could compete with its increasingly tough, often international, competition. Essentially, Medallion leveraged ROBRADY's capabilities to create a look that was more in sync with progressive design.

Because completing the product development process in the allotted time frame wasn’t feasible, ROBRADY proposed a digital medium as the basis for product development. The result was a web-based presentation versus a single physical prototype. An added bonus: the interactive capabilities of the medium allowed ROBRADY to generate a greater number of design solutions within the deadline.

Specifically, the digital presentation allowed the user to choose among multiple LED colors and between seeing the product in daylight or at night. Other custom viewing features included illuminating icons and changing font styles.

As a leave-behind marketing tool, the interactive presentation practically guaranteed viewing access to a larger audience than attended the presentation—and reinforced the power of design as a direct sales tool.

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