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Sarasota-based Firm’s Smart Design Finds Support In Congressional Opioid Crisis Legislation

pillleadimage | ROBRADY design

SARASOTA, FL May 1, 2018—A delegation from Sarasota-based ROBRADY design found receptive audiences in Washington where it met with representatives of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Senators Marco Rubio and Lamar Alexander, and The House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime including a detailee from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to tout PILL, a smart dispenser that could be an effective tool against the opioid addiction crisis.

New York DA Helps ROBRADY Pack A Punch Against Opioid Addiction

PILL Smart Opioid Dispenser | ROBRADY design

After decades as a New York District Attorney and family court judge, James Punch understands that opioid addiction is a tragic example of the dose making the poison. This is why he endorses a joint project by ROBRADY design and Joe Bujalski to prevent misuse of prescription opioids. The PILL, a smart dispenser, is designed to stop the problem before it starts.


Manatee Fire Rescue Drone Sensor Bracket - ROBRADY design

An innovation launched in Sarasota expands fire fighters’ arsenal

manateefirerescuedronesensorbracket12of15 | ROBRADY design
manateefirerescuedronesensorbracket11of15 | ROBRADY design
manateefirerescuedronesensorbracket15of15 | ROBRADY design
manateefirerescuedronesensorbracket14of15 | ROBRADY design
manateefirerescuedronesensorbracket13of15 | ROBRADY design
manateefirerescuedronesensorbracket1of15 | ROBRADY design
manateefirerescuedronesensorbracket2of15 | ROBRADY design
manateefirerescuedronesensorbracket3of15 | ROBRADY design
manateefirerescuedronesensorbracket4of15 | ROBRADY design
manateefirerescuedronesensorbracket5of15 | ROBRADY design
manateefirerescuedronesensorbracket6of15 | ROBRADY design
manateefirerescuedronesensorbracket7of15 | ROBRADY design
manateefirerescuedronesensorbracket8of15 | ROBRADY design
manateefirerescuedronesensorbracket9of15 | ROBRADY design
manateefirerescuedronesensorbracket10of15 | ROBRADY design

Opening Doors for Greater Customer Access to Lockheed Martin FORTIS

Lockheed Martin Fortis | ROBRADY design

ROBRADY Design Brings Commercial Product Expertise to FORTIS Exoskeleton

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 8, 2017 – Lockheed Martin has signed a sales and support agreement with ROBRADY design to sell and support its FORTIS™ industrial exoskeleton and FORTIS Tool Arm product line. Under the agreement, ROBRADY will manufacture, sell and provide training, gimbals, accessories and service for Lockheed Martin’s industrial exoskeletons.

ROBRADY Designers Review, Faraday Future’s FF91 Electric Car

Faraday Future | ROBRADY design

Faraday Future Review: Matt Vergin

With the amount of technology packed inside Faraday Future’s FF91 electric car it’s no wonder they decided to reveal it at CES in Las Vegas. Facial recognition used for entry and seat position, artificial intelligence smart enough to automatically adjust the car’s driving style and music depending on a user’s mood, animated exterior LED’s… these are all meant to signal to the world that this car company, born in the age of the smart phone, is something different.

Inside ROBRADY: An Interview With Andreea Michaud

Andreea Michaud | ROBRADY design

Describe how you first discovered design

ROBRADY design Garners Two Good Design Awards

Good Design 2015 Winners - Lockheed Martin and Earthlinked | ROBRADY design

Sarasota, FL, February 19, 2016—Internationally-renown studio ROBRADY design brought home two Good Design Awards from the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. The accolades recognize the firm’s contribution to both the FORTIS exoskeleton and the EarthLinked Geothermal Heating System.

Robrady design on Fire at 9th Spark Awards with Multiple Awards

ROBRADY Spark Awards 2015 | ROBRADY design

Sarasota, FL, December 15, 2015—ROBRADY design took home three gold awards and a bronze along with numerous honorable mentions at this year’s Spark Design & Architecture Awards ceremony. The global competition honors design that improves the world.

Red Dot Award Recognizes Robrady Design Work On Lockheed Martin’s Fortis Exoskeleton

Lockheed Martin Fortis Red Dot| ROBRADY design

Sarasota, FL, September 25, 2015 — ROBRADY’s design work was recently recognized when Lockheed Martin’s FORTIS® exoskeleton received a Red Dot “Best of the Best” award in the international design competition’s Industrial category. The award will be presented in late September at Red Dot’s annual ceremony in Singapore.

Inside ROBRADY: An Interview With Matthew Vergin

Matthew Vergin | ROBRADY design

Why did you choose industrial design?

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