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ROBRADY capital Educates About Profitable Insights with New “Roadshow” Series

ROBRADY design, a global leader in humanizing innovation, launches the first in a series of alternative investment educational events at their Sarasota headquarters in March.

“The series of events throughout Florida provides an educational venue for investors and financial advisors to learn more from emerging growth companies’ leadership as well as the ROBRADY research to reality process,” said Matt Leiter, director of ROBRADY capital.

ROBRADY design has been successfully developing world-class products for over two decades and ROBRADY capital is passionate about leveraging this experience to develop world-class companies.  “For the past several years ROBRADY capital, our capital division, has been providing alternative investment educational opportunities for our portfolio of emerging growth companies. Now we want to open this information up to the community.”

ROBRADY’s “Roadshow” series grants entrepreneurs and investors even greater access to the company’s product insight, business relationships and associations.

For more information about the “Roadshow” series, including locations of the events throughout Florida, contact Matt Leiter at [email protected].