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ROBRADY Brings Home the Green

Go green!  Go fast?  Not a problem for internationally renowned ROBRADY design of Sarasota, Florida.  A year after winning a distinguished design award from the Red Dot Museum in Singapore,  ROBRADY has been awarded two prestigious Green GOOD DESIGN2009 awards for the Vectrix Electric Super Bike and Vectrix VX-1 Electric Maxi Scooter.  These award-winning vehicles feature impressive speed, zero emissions and cutting edge design which have garnered accolades from both press and organizations on a global level.

The award announcement has been featured on a number of websites including Autoblog Green and Core 77:
Florida-based ROBRADY design has just racked up a GGDA for their Vectrix Electric Super Bike, a zero-emissions piece of bad-assery that also got nods from the people at Red Dot and IDEA.  -Core 77

The Green GOOD DESIGN award is a very specialized edition of the GOOD DESIGN program which emphasizes the importance of sustainable design by developing public awareness about companies that are doing the best job in sustainable design for world environments.  Green GOOD DESIGN 2009 recipients represent the world's most important manufacturers and design firms and leading FORTUNE 500 corporations that are forwarding a new emphasis on a more sustainable design and environment worldwide.