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Back to School with ROBRADY

At ROBRADY, we love to foster an atmosphere of learning into our studio and encourage the growth of creativity and innovation within our community. In early August, ROBRADY participated in a job shadowing program with the STEM program at Booker High School. Samuel Hicks, a math teacher participating in the program, spent a week working with the ROBRADY team learning about our creative process. He shadowed our Mechanical Design, Industrial Design, CNC, and Rapid Prototyping teams to learn how each discipline adds to the creative process. Mr. Hicks is hoping to take what he learned at our studio back to his classroom and help his students implement workplace skills into their school projects. Below is a letter from Samuel Hicks about his experience at ROBRADY:

Dear Mr. Brady,

I was impressed with the world-class performance of your company. Etched in my mind are the flawless presentations and detailed explanations of basic company operations. The employees were very accommodating and genuinely hospitable. It was rewarding to meet well informed professionals who took time to skillfully share their craft with a public school instructor.

Thank you for your time and willingness to host me as a teacher extern. I observed a variety of skills and job competencies that many of the students in my STEM Math class can easily attain. This intriguing experience with ROBRADY will enable me to relate other relevant real-world examples to help students understand the connection between the classroom and the workplace skills necessary for success.  The current industry knowledge I obtained last week and the project-based learning model we are implementing will assist students as they prepare to make a smooth transition to college and future careers.

The impact of what you do was evident in the eyes of students I saw touring your facility. What an inspiration! I appreciate the role ROBRADY is playing to insure bright futures for both students of Booker High School and the citizens here in the local Sarasota community. We anticipate positive interaction with your representative who will sit on our advisory committee. The committee will speak to project teams, offer advice for projects, serve as judges, and coordinate plant field trips. As the school year approaches expect to hear from us.


Samuel Hicks
STEM Math Teacher
Booker High School