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ASGvis' Featured User - ROBRADY's Andre Minoli

You may be asking yourself how ROBRADY design generates the photoreal images that are plastered all over our marketing material, website and blog.  They aren't photos.  The truth is that those images are renderings of CAD models.  Shaders, materials, textures and lighting are all used and balanced with one another to create those realistic images of products and environments that don't actually exist.

Besides natural talent, our Industrial Design department uses beefy workstations with multi-core processors, tons of RAM and V-ray for Rhino.  ASGvis' V-ray is a rendering module that works within Rhino to create superior results in rendered models.  Before V-ray, renderings were time-consuming and required a significant amount of work in photoshop.

This month, ASGvis has published Industrial Designer Andre Minoli as their "Featured User:"
Nobody knows detail like Andre Minoli, Industrial Designer at ROBRADY. His attention to the little things, like the thread on a screw and imperfections in his models, make his renderings that much more photorealistic. - ASGvis

The full-featured interview with Andre can be found on ASGvis' website.