Robert Brady and Walter Herbst, IDSA | ROBRADY design

“Innovate – Profit – Repeat” with Walter Herbst at New College

ROBRADY design Sponsors Biz941 Event:
“Innovate – Profit  Repeat” with Walter Herbst @ New College

Walter Herbst, legendary founding father of modern industrial design, led the Biz941 event “Creativity Conversation.” The event, moderated by Rob Brady, CEO of ROBRADY design, inspired Sarasota entrepreneurs, investors and start-up professionals to use design AND business creativity to generate smart products for market.

In the compelling conversation, Herbst and Brady discussed the topic “Inventing is easy, selling is tough” to a sold out crowd.

Walter Herbst, with more than 85 patents, has been recognized by Business Week magazine and the Industrial Designers Society of America as one of the Best of the Decade. His clients include Logitech, The Home Depot and Crate & Barrel. His work has been on display since 1964 at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

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